Harry Potter 120 Hour Reading to raise money for Bunge Theatre

  • By Shannon Eustace
  • BBC News

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The Fisher Theater has been open for nearly 200 years

All seven Harry Potter books will be read aloud over 120 hours to raise funds for the theatre.

Terry Reeve, Bunge, Suffolk, brought the event to raise £10,000 for the town's historic Fisher Theatre.

He hoped that 100 people would read the magic series in four weeks in October.

Mr Reeve said: „I wanted to use them, especially some of the early editions that were printed on Bunge ad Glaze.”

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Glaze of Bunge printed the globally successful Harry Potter series

The Players Partnership (TBP) approved the use of the Harry Potter books in the Readathon – which author J.K. Represents Rowling.

Mr Reeve continued: “I'm aiming to find 100 people, who can each raise £100 in sponsorship, to take part in the big read, which will obviously take place in the theatre.

„It's going to be a logistical challenge to create a cycle of readers, because we don't want anyone to read for more than half an hour — that's too much if you're reading out loud.”

The social program will last for 120 hours.

„We really want to make Harry Potter because it's such a beautiful book series and everyone has heard of it,” Mr Reeve said.

He hoped that primary and secondary schools would be involved and that „well-off” readers would participate.

TBP's Claire Nelson said: „We're really pleased that Terry has been given permission to do the readathon… and really pleased that anyone can pop in and listen to a reading of Harry Potter.”

The theater was built in 1828 and was one of thirteen built in East Anglia by David Fisher.

As of 2006, it is run as a not-for-profit charity and running costs are funded solely by income from creative arts activities.

„Like all small provincial theatres, it's struggling to make ends meet financially,” Mr Reeve said.

„I didn't want to suggest that it would be closed or anything like that, but I wanted to help them.”

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