Green-tiled planes at the Protectora and Esrao Studio Mexico Hotel

Local architecture studios Protectora and Esrao Studio suspended planes of green tiles from the lobby ceiling at Hotel Mexico.

Located on a hilly site San Miguel de AllendeMexico, The Albor Hotel Part of Hilton’s tapestry collection.

Productora and Esrawe Studio clad a hotel in Mexico with local red stone

Completed in 2022, the 6,038 square meter project will include a lobby, restaurant, bar, gym, multipurpose room and pool area with grill.

Producer And Esrao Studio Pulled from the mountain environment for design.

Green shells with pink and white leaf-like pattern
Stone is transported to the lobby and lower levels of the building

„The hotel naturally emerges from the landscape, creating a beautiful view of the valley,” the team said.

„The hotel’s stone base is inspired by the mountain interior and has a rough and colorful look.”

Hotel lobby with wooden chairs and green tiled canopy
Flights of green tiles are suspended from the ceiling

The first two levels of the building were clad in a natural red, hard stone, which fell over the hill on the site.

The first three levels contain the hotel’s private rooms and have a simple white exterior that contrasts with the basement.

A stone outdoor patio with a brick facade
This tile features a graphic design by artist Omar Barket

The lower levels, which house the lobby, restaurant, bar and garden, run perpendicular to the site’s cobble-stone street, while the upper level runs parallel.

As guests enter the hotel’s spacious lobby, the same red stone has been carried over onto the floors, walls and bar elements.

Red door frames open outwards
The hotel has a multi-level terrace and a restaurant

The double-height space of the lobby is divided by sea foam green ceramic tiles, which have a leaf-like pattern. Mexican artist Umar Parket.

Designed by the tile manufacturer latitudeThey cover partition walls, ceiling planes and panels suspended from the ceiling.

The space is furnished by Roberto González with wide, black wood tables and chairs. Wood was also used for a large bookcase that spans the length of the interior lobby.

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A mix of grey, green and red cushions were used to cover the seating, while the same red tone was used to frame the series of sliding glass doors leading to the hotel’s expansive patio.

A bedroom decorated with brown textiles and walls with accents of earthy tones
A natural red tone is carried throughout the lower and upper levels of the hotel

Rectangular blocks cantilever over the rear patio, mirroring the same rectangular panels used to divide the lobby.

The patio is spread over several levels, with large square planting beds established with cacti and other local plants. PLANTA botanical design.

The hotel’s individual rooms were kept to a minimum, with the same wooden furniture echoed in the seating areas, wardrobes and bed frame.

„The rooms feature a natural color palette and materials such as mineral clay, local handicrafts, wooden furniture and natural fabrics, providing guests with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere,” the team said.

An earthy red tone is also carried into the private bathroom.

Productora recently completed a bright blue co-housing complex in Denver, Colorado, while Esrawe Studio renovated an apartment with an oak „skin” in Mexico City.

Cinematographer Caesar Bejar.

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