Geospatial technology transforms emergency management in industrial complexes

One of the major challenges of industrial complexes is the commitment to security. The biggest challenges the department faces are responding to incidents with a dispersed workforce carrying out its work in areas with patchy connectivity, as well as guaranteeing its permanent security and connectivity or the ability to record and document operations in real-time. In this sense, it is worth highlighting Geospatial technology has become an important component for prevention, management and subsequent analysis of emergencies in industrial complexes.

Knowing this, Esri Spain has launched a pioneering and particularly innovative solution that brings geospatial intelligence to emergency management.All organizations, planned and unplanned, in environments such as companies or industrial complexes, must protect assets and resources. To do this, it is based on digital double technology, which allows simulating the behaviors and scenes of a physical object in a digital, intelligent and updated three-dimensional model..

Real-time responses throughout the emergency lifecycle

A motivated solution is targeted Managing the integrated cycle of emergencies, from prevention to subsequent analysis of the incident. In this sense, Geography Digital Twin Facilities stand out as an important part, providing the maximum level of detail and including geographic data They not only create a realistic emergency plan, but also become a virtual training tool for teams..

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