Gemini controls the answers to questions related to electoral processes

Google has announced that it will limit all queries Gemini are related Electoral processes In areas where elections are to be held nearer to the consultation date.

Gemini was officially launched a year ago as Bart chatbot Developing artificial intelligence (AI). With this, Google seeks to increase the search for information and is based on conversational technology Languaje model for conversational applications (LMDA).

Gemini controls the answers to questions related to electoral processes

Now, Google has imposed restrictions on Gemini, which restricts the appearance of answers to election-related questions globally, which is already in the US and is coming to India.

This means that if a user wants to ask chatbot When faced with questions like these, Gemini will provide answers, the company said in a statement, when it comes to doing something related to elections from a country where electoral processes are not taking place.

The world's most used metasearch engine has made it clear that it takes its responsibility to provide „high-quality information for these types of queries” „very seriously” and is „continually” working to improve the security of its users.

Fraudulent use of AI in elections

Misinformation with artificial intelligence.  (reverse)

however, TechCrunch Although Gemini restricts responses to election-related questions — returning a default message — these restrictions do not apply when questions contain typographical errors.

A total of 20 tech companies, including Google, signed the deal late last month to comply with the move. It reiterated its commitment to avoid fraudulent use of AI in various electoral processes this year. .

AI Electoral Agreement An agreement aimed at combating the use of Deep fakes Adaptation of multimedia content with AI tools during elections scheduled for 2024 where more than 4 billion people will vote in more than 40 countries.

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