From 'Talk to Me’ to 'The Addams Family’: Why are horror movies obsessed with amputated hands? – Movie news

Often seen as symbols of skill, power and connection, hands play an intriguing role in many films, adding layers of meaning to the plot and exploring emotional and narrative aspects.

Horror cinema, throughout its rich history, has explored a variety of chilling themes that play on humanity’s deepest fears. One of the recurring and disturbing themes that has captured the attention of filmmakers and audiences alike is the obsession with mutilated hands. From silent cinema Arms of orlac From Robert Wien to contemporary projects tell me From brothers Michael and Danny Filippo, this macabre motif has managed to become a powerful and disturbing symbol that transcends cultural and temporal boundaries.

Mutilated hands and their strong symbolism in horror movies

In many films of this genre, severed hands lose control and become a visual metaphor for human helplessness. The representation of an amputated arm as a result of an accident, mutilation or violent act evokes feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. It touches the deepest emotional strings of the public. In a silent German film Arms of orlac, the loss and replacement of the protagonist’s arms after a train accident creates a palpable tension. As a pianist, hands are symbols of Orlock’s talent and personal fulfillment, and their absence profoundly alters his identity.

This motif is particularly effective as hands are a symbol of action and power, and seeing them powerless can evoke a visceral response in the viewer. Additionally, the image of severed hands can be associated with themes of crime, punishment, temptation, and destruction. devil’s hand. William J. In the movie Hole Jr., several women’s arms are tattooed as a pact with the devil, symbolizing the struggle between personal will and fate and the influence of evil in the lives of the characters.

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On the other hand, A five-toed beast Get your hands on the world of supernatural horror. A dead musician’s hand comes to life and becomes a menacing object. Here, he isHands take on the symbolism of hidden power and dark forces beyond human control, exploring the fear of the unknown and the uncontrollable. In horror films, characters who have committed immoral or violent acts may have their hands mutilated as a form of symbolic punishment for their actions. This visual depiction of guilt and consequences creates a sense of poetic justice and satisfaction in the audience, while at the same time evoking a sense of unease and unease.

Another explanation for the obsession with amputated hands in horror movies has to do with the idea of ​​dehumanization. Amputation is a radical way to remove an individual’s humanity and ability to interact with the world. This leads to the creation of cruel or inhuman characters that create disgust and horror in the audience.

A particular case, but no less puzzling, occurs in this Mad Adams. Barry Sonnenfeld in the film and series MerlinStarring Jenna Ortega, hands are transformed into instruments of dark humor and comedy. A walking arm, called Thing (Fingers), serves as constant comic relief and reflects the family’s eccentricity. Although humorous, these arms highlight the theme of individuality, representing the individuality and individuality of each member.

Severed hands can be interpreted as a visual representation of society’s fears and anxieties at each historical moment. In times where technology and industrialization have created a sense of disconnection with our bodies and nature, the image of severed hands expresses our fear of losing our humanity and connection. Along with what surrounds us, these concerns are restored in Háblame, which you can already see in the Cinemex Forum, Cinemex Cibeles, Cinépolis Texcoco, Cinépolis Plaza Las Flores and many others.

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