Five trends of digital transformation in business

2024 is predicted to be the year when companies prioritize digitization.

Technology allows you to automate various processes. Photo: Pexels

A survey by technology multinational Experian found that 7 in 10 global entrepreneurs say they are investing in digital transformation with the aim of driving smarter financial decisions.

Also, 60% of those surveyed are automating different processes. 2024 is predicted to be the year of priority for digitization In order to achieve the strategic objectives of the organizations.

Gonzalo Córdoba, executive manager of operations and technology at APC Intelidat, an Experian company, highlights the five main trends that characterize this technological development that entrepreneurs in the world are betting on.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be strengthened by: By adding AI-based programs, it allows organizations from various sectors to improve operations in their processes and obtain efficient and effective results, while strengthening their relationship with different audiences.

Artificial intelligence not only offers the possibility of automation (for example through virtual assistants), but also brings people closer to reality. customers Or users, thanks to the instant analysis of large amounts of data, to provide customized answers to their needs.

2. The cloud will continue to gain ground: Data storage and management in the cloud envisions a landscape where business processes can operate adequately without sharing the same space. This is a clear example of companies that have a strong base in their production systems, and although their operation is distributed in different physical locations, each part is connected to each other, through the cloud, which is now called „digital”. Factories.”

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3. Metaverse and Augmented Virtual Reality: The experience of being immersed in a digital environment that resembles the real world, but interacts with others through avatars as if they shared the same space, is becoming more and more powerful even in business. Dept.

In this context, there are large companies that are developing video conferencing software, in which participants can share in online meetings, in 3D and 4D formats, making the experience as close to metaverse as possible.

4. To leverage blockchain technology: Companies are opting for a blockchain system that allows them to record, secure and protect information about any type of digital activity without the intervention of third parties.

In the financial sector, for example, online payment processes that were traditionally carried out through an intermediary who verified data through a centralized system can now be done through this alternative that sets a trend and facilitates new ways of doing transactions. Manage information in an encrypted and secure manner, without the need for third parties.

5. Cyber ​​security, Priority: With the implementation of new technologies in business processes, ensuring information security is imminent and has become a central concern. In this way, strengthening the capabilities to avoid cyber attacks will be a priority, therefore, the trend in cyber security will be the development of systems capable of predicting any probability of a cyber attack that puts user data at risk, through artificial intelligence. Suppliers of any company.

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