EZVIZ: Sustainability and technology play a fundamental role in housing

According to Kantar: “Who cares? Who does?”, the sustainability-focused LATAM market is growing, especially in homes, where there is variation in sustainable practices from 2019 to this year, from recycling to internal consumption dynamics. Nowadays, due to technological advancements, the dynamics inside the house have started to become a smart home and in this way contribute to the environment.

That’s why companies like EZVIZ are committed to sustainability, from the creation of their products to the internal dynamics they manage within the companies; On the one hand, homes are smarter and planet-friendly with renewable energies; But not only that, the brand has a wide portfolio of rechargeable batteries and solar panels that seek to reach every home, meeting their needs with the best price-quality ratio.

On the other hand, less important, Marcelo Shen, commercial director of EZVIZ Argentina,
Exemplifying how these types of products work, “We offer battery appliances that help reduce energy consumption in homes, thereby contributing to reducing CO2, and we design intelligent appliances that help monitor and guide the use of electricity. The advantages compared to other brands are that the type of technology is still basic and there is no device in the country that competes with these lines.” Energy transition is an issue that affects all companies and has consequences. Various sectors of the economy, because it is the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) proposed by the UN and in LATAM Strengthened as a priority by every government in the world; all companies associated with the technology sector must be in the service of not only building more sustainable homes, but also building a better world.

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To Marcelo Shen, Commercial Director of EZVIZ Argentina Developing a business culture that places the environment as a pillar is essential because the best leaders, managers and executives inspire others to manage timely changes to protect the planet. Many products help to reduce negative impacts on the balance of the planet, which is why we at EZVIZ work for environmental education, a process that contributes to harmonizing relationships.
between humans and between them and the natural environment.

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