Exhibitions with 26 companies in Singapore

The Ministry of Economy and Finance, Through the Institute of Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICECyL), it has promoted the presence of 31 companies from the community in two Asian fairs and a German fair in related fields. Food and Beverage, Technology Sector and Industrial SolutionsThe board said in a statement today.

Likewise, Economia pointed out that the presence of social products has reached 200,000 potential buyers and potential technology partners. In particular, FHA Food & Beverage Singapore has a presence of companies dedicated to food, beverages (non-alcoholic), gourmet foods, fresh produce, halal foods, meat products and seafood, held between April 23. and 26.

ICECyL has for the first time organized the participation of a group of companies from Castilla y León under a company arena, in which 12 exhibitors participated: Caldos del Norte, SL (Burgos); Hives Bio, SL (Leon); Europraline, SL–Trapa (Palencia); Florencio Sanchez e Hijos, SL–Fisan and Cesar Nieto Group, SL (Salamanca); Onesimum, SL and Crujiente Y Dorado, SL (Segovia); Martirello, SL Aperitivos de Añavieja SA and Mykes Gourmet, CB (Soria); Dulces y preserves Helios, SA (Valladolid); and Ceces El Pastor-Hijos de Salvador, SA (Zamora).

International Food & Beverage Exhibition FHA – Food & Beverage 2024 is one of Asia's largest exhibitions in this sector. It brings together exhibitors from around the world with buyers from Southeast Asia and is an iconic event for the agri-food industry. In addition, this is the 23rd edition, which brought together 70 percent of exhibitors who are direct producers, and an estimated 15 percent used FHA Food & Beverage 2024 as a platform to introduce new products to the market.

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It is a biennial exhibition with significant data in the last edition: 2,100 exhibitors, 50 countries represented: 56 pavilions, 57,510 national professional visitors and more than 60,000 square meters of exhibition area.

On the other hand, Prowine Singapore was held from April 23 to 26 and focuses on the marketing of wines and spirits. In this exhibition, ICECyL organized for the first time the participation of a group of Castilla y Leon companies in Provine Singapore under a pavilion, in which 14 wine companies participated: Bodega Tierra Aranda, S. Coop., Rojo Exporta, SL and Bodega. y Milinico Vineyards, SL (Burgos); Vinos de Pueblo SL – Michelini I Mufatto (León); Taifa Latina Company, SL – Bodegas Blanco Nieva (Segovia); Dominio de Attata SL Wineries (Soria); Bodegas Resulte de Benafiel, SA Nexus Bodegas, SL Bodegas Veganzones, SL Bodegas El Inicio, SL Bodegas Coop. From Cigales, Bodegas Epifanio Rivera, SL (Valladolid); Bodegas Farina, SL and Frutas Manuel Barrero, SL – Bodegas Viriatus (Zamora)

The Provine Singapore exhibition is organized as one of the largest wine, beer and spirits exhibitions in Southeast Asia, targeting an exclusive professional audience, according to the board. It attracts a large number of leading buyers from the wine, spirits and other alcohol sectors, from wholesalers to retailers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, sommeliers, importers, opinion leaders, influencers and industry professionals.

Covering an area of ​​85,000 square meters by 2024, the exhibition is an important showcase for not only entering the Singapore market, but also the South Asian market in general, cementing its presence there.

Spanish wine exports to Singapore ended 2022 with a turnover of 2,980 million euros, representing a growth of 3.1 percent compared to the previous year and the highest figure in history, demonstrating the growing interest and knowledge from Southeast Asia in Spanish wines. In the last edition of the exhibition, 230 exhibitors from 20 countries and 8,500 visitors participated.

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Likewise, HANNOVER MESSE, held in Germany from April 22 to 26, is the world's most important forum for all technologies related to the transformation of industry. With 'Industrial Transformation' as the main theme, environmental protection, digitization and sustainability are the focus of priority tasks.

Five companies from Castilla y León participated in this edition, notably Elyte Leonesa de Montaje, SA (León), Cicrosa Hidraulica, SL (Palencia), Calabres Tome, SLU and Laboratorio Geometrico, SL (Salamanca), and Mobile Lean, SL ( Valladolid).

Likewise, the event allows networking and meetings with business partners leveraging the investment needs of large industry groups. Therefore, ICECyL's investment acquisition area maintains an agenda of visits and has participated in this exhibition since 2016, organizing nearly 600 meetings with international companies in search of new investments.

By 2024, Hannover Messe will have 130,000 in-person attendees, 4,000 exhibitors, more than 300 startups and more than 14,000 technical and industrial products and solutions.

Reverse task with eight countries

Finally, from April 24 to 27, a reverse trade mission was carried out with the aim of facilitating business contacts with representatives and buyers from Bulgaria, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Japan. The emergence of social products.

Business and demonstration meetings have been held in companies in Burgos, León, Soria, Valladolid and Zamora with products related to food, the meat sector, wines, craft beer, honey and cheeses.

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