Exclusive presentation of the new Peugeot 3008: elegance, technology and its outstanding stability

Exclusive presentation of the new Peugeot 3008: elegance, technology and its outstanding stabilityNewspaper

Last Monday, April 15, it was held at the Peugeot Autociba facilities Grupo Rojas, the exclusive launch of the new 3008, the latest innovation from the French brand Peugeot, which combines elegance, technology and sustainability in a single vehicle.

Peugeot has set itself the challenge of being the leading brand in electrification in Europe.

Presentation of the new Peugeot 3008.

The new 3008 is a car with a completely renewed front end, which includes the now legendary light signature of three claws, a new grille that includes the brand's new emblem, which offers evolutionary patterns in the color of the bodywork. Modern and dynamic look.

But undoubtedly the most significant external change is its silhouette, which is a Fastback It has an attached Spoiler Offers elegance with floating, high rear overhang and vertical rear surfaces.

It has only 2 finishes, Alur and GT; This is a vehicle that, from the moment it steps into the range, the amount of equipment is overwhelming.

Finally, in terms of engines, the car is available from the start with 2 engines, autonomous up to 525 kilometers and 100% electric with a power of 210 hp and a non-plug-in hybrid with 136 horses. and an automatic transmission. A 195 hp plug-in hybrid engine and a range of up to 85 km will follow in the coming months. After that, two new electric versions will be added, one with all-wheel drive and the other with a range of 700 kilometers.

This model will only have 0 or ECO labels from DGT, resulting in benefits for low-emission zones in cities.

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The new 3008 is a next level car in terms of design, technology, performance and driving pleasure.

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