Edinburgh Arts Center Cuts Graham Linehan Event After Complaints | Graham Linehan

An arts theater in Edinburgh has canceled an event featuring sexist screenwriter Graham Linehan after complaints from patrons.

Leith Arches, which often hosts queer and drag events, wrote on Instagram that it had canceled a comedy set where Linehan was scheduled to appear on Thursday evening.

In a post on Tuesday, the venue said: „We are an inclusive venue and this does not align with our overall values.”

Leith Arches said it was not aware of the billing until customers reported it.

The decision reignited a row over the legality of venues banning gender-sensitive events, which erupted after another Edinburgh venue, The Stand, canceled a speaking event by Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry.

The Stand reinstated Cherry’s event last week after warning the venue that it was unlawfully discriminatory based on Cherry’s sexist beliefs. Courts in England have upheld cases involving such comments.

Linehan, who created and wrote Channel 4 comedy Father Ted, has taken a strong sexist stance on social media. At X, in an earlier post on Twitter, Linehan said neither he nor Comedy Unleashed, the production company that booked the show’s slot, had received an explanation for the cancellation.

„There is no explanation as to why the Leith arches are offensive scenes,” he said. „[Could] Do I have some details? Because it sounds like discrimination based on my legally protected beliefs.

Linehan and Comedy Unleashed released another statement, which appeared from the Leith Arches Instagram feed but is no longer online, in which the venue said „an email was sent about a comedian booked for an upcoming comedy show this Thursday. , rightfully so, and members of our community were outraged.”

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Cherry retweeted her legal advice under Linehan’s post, saying: “This looks like a clear case of illegal discrimination based on a belief.

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„But really, those in political and cultural leadership positions need to take a stand against this sort of thing, otherwise Edinburgh, the home of the Enlightenment, risks becoming a discrimination and anti-free speech hotspot.”

Online reports have mentioned the comedy night as a fringe event, but it has not been included in the official lineup. Leith Arches has been approached for comment.

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