Dwayne Johnson suffered an elbow injury on 'The Smashing Machine’

“Any time your film is called The Smashing Machine, you’ll be kind of smashed. Dwayne Johnson said this as he revealed he injured his right elbow while filming his new wrestling drama A24.

“I pitched well today in our sessions. There might be some soft tissue fluid in there, we’ll see,” Johnson said in a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday. „But the pain is good. Everything is good.”

He said the fluid would need to be drained before an MRI to assess the damage.

Johnson plays The Smashing Machine Mark Kerr, two-time UFC heavyweight champion. Uncut stones Co-director Benny Softy writes and directs the project Such a big-budget fare is positioned as an honor drama for Johnson, who has become one of the world’s top movie stars. Fast and the Furious movies, Jumanji Such films and disaster films San Andreas And cheers.

Emily Blunt stars alongside Johnson as Dawn Staples, the wife of her character, Mark Kerr. The pair previously worked together at Disney Jungle Cruise.

Johnson and Softy took a break from production last month Cannes Film Festival for a conversation Finally went to Cannes month to talk to buyers about a project he is producing through his Seven Bucks Productions. Other producers include Danny Garcia of Seven Bucks, Softies Out for the Count Banner, Eli Bush and David Coplan. The release date of the film is not yet available.

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