Dream Scenario’s New Trailer Makes Nicolas Cage a New Viral Star

For many, the concept of achieving viral fame has become a definition of wanting to achieve success – if not for simple popularity, then the brand deals and endorsements that come with it. But A24’s first trailer has a heartwarming new comedy Dream scene From writer/director Christopher Borkley, it’s the beginning of one man’s madness that becomes an overnight global phenomenon.

Dream scene It tells the strange story of evolutionary biologist Paul Matthews (Nicolas Cage), an ordinary man whose quiet life teaching apathetic college students about the behavior of ants and other animals one day begins to inexplicably appear in people’s dreams. Like his wife Janet (Julianne Nicholson) and his two young daughters, Paul doesn’t have a solid answer as to why so many people who don’t see him or see him start visiting him in their subconscious while they sleep.

But once it becomes clear that Paul’s late-night appearances are a global phenomenon, he’s more than willing to embrace the attention that comes with them. Dream sceneIn the trailer, it’s clear that he doesn’t really understand what he’s doing.

Dream scene It will hit theaters on November 10.

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