Drake Denies Kendrick Lamar’s Claims on 'The Hard Part 6′

It’s been a busy weekend in the ongoing rap beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and the latest installment was released Sunday evening (May 5) with „The Hard Part 6.”

Drake derailed his adversary’s grand vision in Lamar’s five-part „The Heart” series, which began with his own entry in 2010. In the track, the Toronto rapper refutes claims from Lamar’s previous diss that he mainly went after underage girls, which has long plagued the rapper and recently resurfaced with beef.

„I’ve never been with anyone younger, but now I understand why that angle is really confusing to you,” she says. „Just to be clear, I’m hated / I’m highly respected / If I cheated on young women, I promise I’d be arrested / I’m famous for the shit you suggested, but that’s not the lesson / Clearly there’s a deeper message / Deep cuts never heal, now they’re infected.

Drake then mentions Lamar’s fiancee Whitney Alford, and Millie Bobby Brown once texted with the actress when she was 14. „I’m your baby mama’s screensaver / I’m only with the Whitneys, not the Millie Bobby Browns / I don’t look twice at no teenager / I’m a fuckin’ hitmaker dog, not a peacemaker.”

From the sounds of it, Drake seems to be tiring out this red-hot beef. „I don’t want to diss you anymore, which really made me second-guess myself,” he says. Colloquially, he says, „I won’t lie, this shit is some good exercise. It’s good to get out, work the pen.”

Among several claims in the song, he suggests that one of his crew made Lamar „good” by telling him he has a secret daughter, which Lamar praised on „Meet the Grahams,” which dropped Friday night. He also speculates about a rift between Lamar and Alford, and reinforces earlier claims that Lamar’s longtime creator, Dave Free, is the father of one of her children.

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For the past few days, this months-long stench has been in full swing. On Friday morning, Lamar released „6:16 in L.A.”, titled in a similar fashion to several of Drake’s tracks. Drake followed up later that night with „Family Matters,” and Lamar had verses directed at various members of Drake’s family shortly after dropping „Meet the Grahams.” Then, on Saturday, Lamar released another message titled „Not Like Us,” doubling down on Drake’s allegations of pedophilia.

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