Disneyland Park Guest Arrested After Stripping On 'It’s A Small World’ Ride – Deadline

A Disneyland park guest in Anaheim, California, was arrested by local authorities and kicked off the property after stripping off their clothes during the It’s a Small World attraction.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon, the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend. A Disneyland Resort representative said Deadline The attraction was stopped when the guest got off the ride while on the ride and park operators were notified of the situation.

After the guest was detained, the man was completely removed from the property after being booked by the Anaheim Police Department.

„It’s a Small World” was closed for about an hour as park operators inspected the attraction. No guests were physically harmed during the incident and the ride resumed operations around 3pm local time.

Video clips of the incident were shared and went viral on social media. One video shows the guest shirtless walking through the „It’s a Small World” set.

Another video shows the man sitting and touching the animatronics that decorate the ride located in the Fantasyland area of ​​Disneyland Park.

A park guest is heard telling the streaker to „please stop” and „sit down.” Another park guest is concerned that the man may be vandalizing and damaging the props.

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