„Digital transformation is a renaissance in the fashion industry”

Technology and innovation are catalysts for industries with creative and disruptive mindsets

Digital transformation is a renaissance in the fashion industry, Saldana explains. “Traditional brands have gone digital with startups E-commerceUsing mobile applications and social networks to interact with consumers. An update or download accelerated the infection Retailers „They will quickly adopt solutions to stay relevant and engaged with their customers.” Digitization of the sector is both „disruptive and enriching; „brands that are early adopters of e-commerce and social media have seen significant growth in their reach and sales.”

Some of the key points that the expert focuses on in this sense are innovation in design, efficiency in production, sustainability and innovation or Marketing and the relationship with the customer. „Digitalization allows designers to use Software Advanced to create more complex and detailed designs, increasing creativity and efficiency. This is It opens the door to mass customization, one of the big challenges for the futureCustomers can have more direct participation in the design of their purchases.

Following the same thread, he asserts, „The implementation of technologies such as 3D printing and automated manufacturing not only speeds up the production process, but also allows for more sustainable production by reducing material waste.” Likewise, social networks and data analytics „allow brands to better understand their customers and build loyalty by building deeper connections to a 360° view.”

Keeping her sights on business, Saldana notes Value Added Technologies in Fashion Industry Such as „significantly improving the customer experience, improving operations and achieving a positive impact on the environment and society”. stands out among them Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain3D Printing and Fashion, Software generative design, data analysis and Big data or standard technologies.

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AI deserves a separate column, a „critical” technology that has quickly established itself due to its „broad applicability and immediate benefits for organizations and users.” According to Saldana, this technology „Revolution” in the fashion industry with trend prediction by analyzing large amounts of data; Improve the shopping experience with recommendation systems powered by AI to provide highly personalized recommendations to consumers; Assist in the design process generate new ideas and modify existing patterns; improving inventory management and optimizing the supply chain; Helps fight counterfeits and ensure authenticity Brands and products for consumers… „AI is enabling an era of rapid and profound change in the fashion industry, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, sustainability, personalization and customer experience.” As these technologies continue to evolve, the expert predicts, „we are likely to see more disruptive innovations driven by AI.”

Currently, there are those who feel that AI has displaced the metaverse on the fashion spectrum. Called to recapture the field through metaverse experiences and incarnations, it appears that AI has been pushed into oblivion with the frenetic advance. On the issue, Saldana also has something to say: “The relationship between AI, virtual reality and the metaverse is very complex; and, in any case, complementary rather than competitive.” Expert explains. „Each of these technologies has their growth and adoption driven by different factors. AI, in particular, has seen wide and rapid adoption for a number of reasons, including widespread applicability, low barrier to entry, integration with existing technologies, and efficiency and automation drivers.

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