Danger of sunlight! Earth-facing sunspots can unleash M-class flares

Solar flares are classified according to their strength on a logarithmic scale, similar to how earthquakes are measured, according to NASA. The smallest are A-class, which occur at background levels, followed by B, C, M and X. Similar to the Richter scale used to measure earthquakes, each letter on the logarithmic scale represents a 10-fold increase. Energy output. So X is ten times M and C is 100 times. Each character class has a fine-grained scale from 1 to 9.

Now, a sunspot facing Earth could unleash powerful solar flares that have the potential to cause destruction.

A fickle sunspot

A step Report Via spaceweather.com, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has discovered that an active region on the Sun’s surface, named Sunspot AR3395, has an unstable 'beta-delta’ magnetic field that can lead to strong eruptions on the Sun’s surface. Being on the Earth-facing side of the Sun, this sunspot can fire dangerous M-class solar flares directly at us.

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The report states, „Sunspot AR3395 has a 'beta-delta’ magnetic field capable of producing strong M-class solar flares.”

Due to the volatility of the sunspot, there is a 99 percent chance of C-class flares and a 25 percent chance of M-class flares. According to the report, the chances of the X-Class catching fire are extremely low, just 1 percent.

Influence of Sun

Our Sun has a thin layer of second atmosphere just above the photosphere and a large corona. This is the region where we see most solar events, such as solar flares, prominences, and coronal mass ejections, many of which can directly affect Earth. Although the Sun’s energy is essential for life on Earth, the associated solar events can cause severe damage, especially to technological equipment.

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Strong, X-class solar flares from the Sun can disrupt global communications, harm satellites, bring down power grids and create blackouts. They can create radiation storms, which can give small amounts of radiation to people and astronauts flying in airplanes at the time!

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