Columbia 4.0 Tech Summit Begins: Register!

Get ready because it’s coming back Columbia 4.0, The The most important technology and innovation summit in ColombiaArranged Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

The meeting will be held at Corferias, Bogota, From next Wednesday, November 29 and up Friday 1 December.

If you are interested in technology and digital ecosystems, Here can Review the schedule and register for free.

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This year, in its thirteenth edition, Columbia 4.0 Shows coming into the world with Artificial Intelligence (AI)There is planned 165 concurrent operations Keynote conferences, interactive panels, workshops and 4.0 experiences etc.

Also, there for this meeting Seven themesIt will be distributed over the three days of the summit.

  1. Artificial intelligence.
  2. TECH Ecosystems and 4RI Technologies.
  3. Digital Entrepreneurship.
  4. operating system.
  5. Video game.
  6. Disruptive technologies.
  7. Digital media.

Likewise, they will be carried out Fast-paced activities and innovative experiences, Participants must participate and be a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Participation of leaders, visionaries and technology pioneers

This edition will feature key figures from the tech industry, including Mauricio Dover, co-founder of Tropicus Finance; Camilo Montañez, CEO of Beyond Afterlife; Victor Da Silva, Industrial Processes Consultant at Dassault Systemes Latam; Carlos Chavez, CEO of Macondo; and Mauricio Agutelo, Director of Digital Transformation, Latin America and the Caribbean Development Bank.

International Speakers at Columbia 4.0

  • Paulette Emerson: Character Supervisor for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’
  • Dheeraj Mukherjee: Co-founder of Shazam app.
  • Andreas Theodorou: Director d’Arte of Jam City and 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’.
  • Samson Mow: CEO D Jan 3.
  • Jorge Ruiz Cano: 3D Animator of 'Wish’.
  • Andrea Ronconzio: Lighting and Composition Artist for 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’
  • Daniel Lim: Director of Salesforce.
  • Sarah Williams: Director of the Civic Data Design Lab and the Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
  • Chad Nelson: Critters TV’s creative director and artificial intelligence expert.
  • Mara Palestrini: Digital Transformation Coordinator at the IDB Lab.
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For more information about the Technology Summit Columbia 4.0 Follow along @Col4point0 X on Instagram and Facebook.

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