Colby Covington: „Good, I'm Out”

Following his stunning knockout victory over Gilbert Urbina at UFC Vegas 85, Charles Radtke made headlines not only for his performance inside the octagon, but also for his post-fight demeanor.

After the win, Radke sat down for his usual post-fight interview with members of the media. However, the question-and-answer session was remarkably brief, with the fighter giving short, two-sentence answers to the journalist. When asked about his next fight, Radke's answer changed:

„How much money did you get? That's… you're getting these interviews for free. I need to be paid. Come on!”

With this statement delivered, Radke quickly moved on to the next question. However, his demand for compensation went to the media, and the 33-year-old American had no questions to answer. He then concluded the session with a summary:

„Good, I'm out”, before leaving.

Check out Radtke's response below (1:47):


Charles Radke takes a shot at Colby Covington after a stunning knockout victory

Charles Radke ended his streak with a message for the division, specifically targeting former interim champion Colby Covington.

Radke waited patiently for his chance and followed Urbina throughout the opening lap. He connected with a heavy left early on, sending Urbina to the canvas, but the fight continued.

Not backing down, Radke unleashed another devastating left hook moments later, this time pinning Urbina for the win at 4:47 of the round. After winning, he addressed the welterweight division during an Octagon interview with Daniel Cormier.

After expressing his opinion on the current state of the weight class, Radke didn't shy away from a personal attack, aiming his sights at Colby Covington:

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Radke said:

“I want to let everyone know, 170 [pound division] Now that sounds like s**t. But I'm in the category of making it big again. Colby Covington, you still suck.”

Watch Radtke's comments about Colby Covington below (1:45):


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