Chiquito Romero’s anger with the referee and Palavecino

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Romero: „It’s not a penalty, we leave angry”

The Boca goalkeeper was unhappy with the definition of play in River’s favor and vowed to make them suffer.

River plate success Boca Juniors 1-0 in the Super Clasico and Chiquito Romero spoke at a press conference where he criticized the refereeing of Dario Herrera and the attitude of Agustin Palavecino who celebrated Miguel Borja’s goal.

Romero declared himself furious after Boca lost the Super Clasico at the MonumentGood pictures

During the conversation with the press, Romero described in great detail the impetus for the fight between the two teams.

Goalkeeper Xeneize’s Greatest Statements:

– „It is not a chargeable fine, we suffer badly”.

– „We leave with a very bitter and sad feeling.”

— „The thing about Palavesino was a terrible lack of honor and I told it to the faces of the river warriors.”

– „It’s hard to understand the ejections, the referee told me it was because they threw pineapples, and Valentini told me he didn’t throw pineapples.”

– „Herrera’s jury is hard to define. Villa got kicked 3 or 4 times and didn’t advise anyone. It seems strange to me that he didn’t go to see her with the punishment. His first half was good. His second was a party of hands”.

– „A clear penalty is difficult to analyze. Unfortunately it didn’t go to VAR, I think he didn’t listen, it hurt us who played well. It ended 0-0. Nailed it”.

– „Looking at the play, I seriously doubt whether he asked VAR or not. For me, he kept what he saw on the pitch.”

– „We paid too much for being sent off. I went to ask him and they told me from VAR that they were throwing pineapples,” he told me.

– „Palavecino came to shout Goal in our face, I reacted well, I went to grab him by the waist and told him why I was doing that. My teammates thought I was going to fight, they all came.”

– „The fact that VAR exists should provide a lot of solutions. They brought technology to improve football and take some of the fun out of football. It’s a shame they didn’t use it properly and hurt us.”

– „If the penalty had been in the River area, they wouldn’t have charged it. We have to lose, go home sad and work to win the next game against Belgrano in La Pamponera.”

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