China to build world’s largest underwater 'ghost particle’ detector

New Delhi: China is embarking on a massive scientific venture World’s largest The discovery of the „ghost particle” beneath the surface of the western Pacific Ocean was made by the Tropical Deep Ocean Neutrino Telescope (TRIDENT), or „Ocean Bell” in Chinese.
According to a report on, the groundbreaking project, set to be completed by 2030, aims to capture the elusive neutrinos that can be briefly detected in the deep ocean depths, providing valuable insights into their cosmic origins.
Neutrinos, often referred to as „Ghost particles,” are subatomic particles with almost zero mass and no electric charge. They pass through matter with minimal interaction, making them difficult to detect.
These elusive particles can be discovered when ancient, cataclysmic cosmic events such as interstellar explosions and interstellar collisions slow down, reported.
Anchored 11,500 feet (3,500 meters) below the ocean’s surface, TRIDENT uses Earth as a shield to detect neutrinos penetrating from the opposite side of the planet.
„Because TRIDENT is close to the equator, it can receive neutrinos from all directions with the Earth’s rotation, observing the entire sky without blind spots,” explained lead scientist Xu Donglian.
According to the report, the ambitious effort will use more than 24,000 optical sensors distributed in 1,211 strings, each 2,300 feet (700 m) long, extending above the seabed. Arranged in a Penrose tiling pattern, the detector is 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) in diameter and will scan an impressive 1.7 cubic miles (7.5 cubic kilometers).
In contrast, the current largest neutrino detector, Icecube in Antarctica, has an observing area of ​​0.24 cubic miles (1 cubic km), making TRIDENT significantly more sensitive and poised to make significant neutrino discoveries.
A pilot project for TRIDENT is scheduled to begin in 2026, with the full detector coming online in 2030.

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