Chad and the Brazilian Navy signed an agreement to share mansub technology

Siad And this Directorate of Armed Systems of the Brazilian Navy They have signed an agreement to share technology for weapons systems Mansab (Missile National Antibook T Surface)

The contract allows against payment by the company Profit RightsApplying, manufacturing, marketing and providing services related to Mansup in the national and international market.

Mansub’s. Company: Edge Group

The agreement was signed at a ceremony held in the Auditorium Technology Innovation Park (PIT), at the SEAT headquarters in São José dos Campos.

The Admiral attended the event Edgar Luis Siqueira BarbosaDirector General of Naval Materials (DGMM), Vice Admiral Rodrigo Otavio Fernandes de HonkisAdviser on Defense Material Industries to DGMM and Rear Admiral Carlos Henrique Lima ChamperiDirector of Naval Weapons Systems (DSAM).

At the table were the Chairman and CEO of CIAT. Asauri Cunha Filho Y Rogerio Salvadorrespectively, and General Director of EDGE Brazil Group, Marcos Decat.

SIATT Marinha Transfer Technology Mansub Photo 02 (1)Company: SIATT

During the ceremony, Rear Admiral Zambeiri highlighted the importance of this agreement for the Mansup programme. „This real milestone will ensure the flow of necessary activities and resources to complete the Mansup missile program today. All these efforts will guarantee the development of the extended range Mansup in the very near future, which will promote even greater technological progress in our defense and defense capability. Blue Amazon„said the DSAM director.

Rear Admiral Samberi concluded his speech by thanking the team for their commitment. „At this time, I would like to thank not only the sense of justice, but also all those involved in the Mansub project, the brave, talented and persistent Brazilians who, with their hard work, overcame the challenge. Those who continue to help make this dream, unprecedented and far-fetched at the beginning, a reality.”

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Omnisys MANSUP CaiafaMANSUP SEARCHER It was developed by Omnisys. Signature: Roberto Caiafa

Admiral Siqueira Barbosa also highlighted the commitment of the professionals involved in the Mansup project. „It is great to see this auditorium packed as many SEAT collaborators celebrate this important moment. Many milestones have been achieved and many challenges have been overcome over the years. We also have SEAT to thank. Edge GroupTrustee of this company, the Ezute Foundation Already Omnisis. It is a historic moment that fills us with complacency. Congratulations to everyone for this achievement, let’s make more and more dreams come true and keep working together,” said the Director General.

Siatt’s CEO, Rogerio Salvador, recalled the trajectory of the Mansup project and noted five feelings that, for him, expressed the meaning of the ceremony: gratitude, progress, fulfillment, hope and joy. „It is not the work of one person, but the work of 100 people from all parties: the fleet, operators, participating companies and CIAT. It is the joint construction of many brilliant minds who have put their effort, their talent and their heart into the project,” emphasized Salvador.

SIATT Marinha Mansup Replaces Technical Photo 1Company: SIATT

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