CETIS 59 organizes the National Science and Technology Week 2023 Grupo Milenio

Instilling an attitude towards science and technology among the youth is crucial for the development of the present societies. For this reason the Center for Industrial and Services Technical Studies (CETIS) No 59 Arranges National Science and Technology Week 2023Students tend to have more attitude towards topics that interest them more.

Alma Rosa Arnero Chávez is head of CETIS 59’s liaison department with the production departmentComments that every year this week is celebrated in all campuses Directorate General of Industrial and Services Technical Education (DGETI) To address various topics related to science and technology.

Alma Rosa Arnero Chávez is head of the communication department with the production department of CETIS 59. (Courtesy)

This year, the theme for high school students is “Artificial Intelligence, Its Intermediary and Applications to Address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda„, organizing various talks with personalities involved in this topic, can analyze how technology can be applied to these points.

of From October 16 to 20, 2023 Youth can attend various conferences like “Sustainable Marketing and 2030 Agenda”. Doctor Alejandra Marina Alcalar. He too Dr. Luis Sanchez Mayor will teach the topic “Education, Robots and a Sustainable World”. Astronomer David Cesar Fabian Esparza To talk about the eclipses we might see in 2024.

“The aim of this week is to make students interested in these branches Knowledge, how to use it and create some teaching resources. We have a tall They can handle it Softwares Areas where they are going to use science and technology,” declares Arneiro Chávez.

He says there will also be a vocational fair at approx 47 universitiesIn this fifth semester students can know about themselves and their study plans so that they can plan their future.

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