Carmen Lomana stunner in bikini, stuns with firm abs at 75

Carmen Lomana has once again made it clear that those sitting in bikinis on the beach are ageless, meaning the 75-year-old entrepreneur continues to show that she’s at her best. Showing off a heart attack figure and a super toned body. Added to this is a slightly tanned skin, which is intensified by the contrast of the white bikini. A in decoration Beachwear follows the style line of society with a few accessories missing, hence the sunglasses and gold earrings.

Carmen Lomana (75) looks stunning in a bikini

Carmen Lomana posted a photo on the network enjoying the good weather on the beach and boasting a stomach that left us speechless, which means that at 75 years old, the businessman maintains and highlights an amazing figure. Her defined stomach, her thighs and her toned arms In the pure style of Queen Letizia.

A group of socialites exude glamour, A basic, white and casual bikini Always a want Includes a carrycot to the beach. A simple bet that feels perfect for very fair skin and brings that chic touch in the blink of an eye. see Summer.

We know Carmen Lomana’s secret to looking amazing after 70: exercise, a healthy diet, and a powerful anti-cellulite cream combine with these two fundamental pillars to improve your results. Pilates has long become an indispensable part of routines Exercise Of the socialists, the exercises clearly paid off. To this we add the jewel in the crown, E’lifexir’s most powerful daily cream It fights cellulite, improves circulation in the legs to improve the appearance of the legs and reduce inches.

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