Camila Cabello and Lana Del Rey sing 'I Love It' at Coachella

Camila Cabello was the surprise guest artist for Lana Del Rey's headlining Coachella set on Friday night.

After Del Rey temporarily left the stage after singing her song „Bartender,” Capello launched into a surprise performance of „I Love It,” her new single from her fourth studio album. Lana joined Capello for a few verses, but mostly watched and danced from the balcony of his palace-like stage.

Capello was backed by a dance crew who recreated the robot choreography seen in the single's music video, which also featured collaborator Playboy Carty (Carty was not on stage). Del Rey joined Cabello on the stage floor during Carti's verse, placing her arms around Cabello's waist as the two shared a playful twirl.

„I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it,” Del Rey sang back to Capello as the pop singer closed the song. She continued, „[Camila] My girl, I have so much fun with her. I love this song, thank you so much angel for coming and singing with me.

Capello responded, „It's an honor, you're one of my favorite artists of all time. I love you so much.”

Del Rey's first Coachella show of the week welcomed back recent collaborators Jack Antonoff and John Bautista, who reunited at Del Rey on Friday night. Both Antonoff and Bautista perform their own sets at the festival (with Antonoff as the lead singer of the band Bleachers). Del Rey was joined by Billie Eilish, who got a surprise pair of duets of Eilish's „Ocean Eyes” and Del Rey's „Video Games.”

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