Big tech companies are committed to adopting new security practices for AI

Companies have pledged not to develop or use an AI model or system if its risks cannot be kept below a certain threshold. These will be defined by trusted actors, including government agencies, before they are published, with a view to the AI ​​Action Summit in France early next year.

The other 11 companies that have signed the AI ​​Security Commitment at the Border are: Anthropic, Cohere, G42, IBM, Inflection AI, Mistral AI, Naver, Samsung Electronics, Technology Innovation Institute, xAI and

Comparison with other security obligations

The agreement follows another similar historic alliance signed between the EU, the US, China and other countries to work together on AI security. The Bletchley Declaration, delivered at the AI ​​Security Summit in the United Kingdom in November, established a shared understanding of the opportunities and risks posed by AI at the border and recognized the need for governments to work together. The most important challenges associated with this technology.

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