Bicep Unveils New Project 'Chroma' and New Single 'Chroma 001 Helium'

Bicep have shared their latest single 'CHROMA 001 HELIUM', marking the launch of their „ambitious” new project CHROMA.

The Belfast electronic duo – comprising Andy Ferguson and Matt McFrier – have launched Chroma, a visual identity created in collaboration with David Rudnick and his Terrain Studio.

Ber Mixed taste, Bicep teased visuals for Chroma in front of a 15,000-strong crowd at last year's sold-out Drumsheds show. In a press release, the duo said of the project: “We want more and more to show a rounded picture of what we're doing in the studio. We do a lot of heavy techno focused music, ambient and different styles that don't really fit the „BICEP” sound, and often don't see the light of day.

Their first song 'Chroma 001 Helium' was written „specifically” for Bicep's two-night run at London's Alexandra Palace in 2022. According to the duo, „The show was a little sweet in some segments and we wanted to add some more to the show.”

„Helium” stands out to them because it's „a bit darker and more club-focused than most of the music we've released over the last few years. Although it's a pretty fair representation of what we listen to and play in our DJ sets”.

All of their releases on Chroma feature both Ferguson and McFriar in some form. Created with an ethos that covers everything from „acid to alkaline”, the idea behind the label is two-fold: both as a home for their underground club-focused productions, and as a platform to share their wide range of musical styles.

Both are planning to host a few Chroma events throughout the year. Explaining the new CHROMA shows, “The same team that works on our BICEP live show works on CHROMA. The show will be very fluid and will continue to evolve and change on a week-to-week basis with multiple tests.

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Bicep will be touring and performing at festivals this year including Coachella, Boardmasters and Tour Festival. See the full list of tour dates below Go here for tickets.

Bicep 2024 Tour Dates:

11 – Snowbombing, Mayrhofen AD
12 – Radius, Chicago US
14 – Coachella, India US
21 – Coachella, India US

3 – DGTL, Santiago CL
4 – Timewarp, Sao Paulo Br
31 – Ava Festival, Belfast UK

1 – Forbidden Fruit, Dublin IE
2 – Marquee, Cork IE
23 – Hideout, PAG HR

19 – Brighton Beach, Brighton UK
20 – Festival, stay
26 – Techmontel, Amsterdam NL

2 – Finsbury Park, London UK
9 – Boardmasters, Cornwall UK

2 – C2C Festival, Turin ID

Bicep released their full-length LP 'Isles' in 2021. In a four-star review of the album, NME shared: „While many in the electronic scene have tried to emulate Bicep's signature sound, none have crafted melancholic, colorful trance and techno like these Irish guys. As they demonstrate across 10 meticulously-crafted tracks (culled from over 150 demos) on 'Isles', few other artists have the patience to do so. These much-missed moments of rapturous ecstasy can be so artfully imagined.

Since then, the duo have released a slew of off-tracks and remixes, including 2022's single 'Water'.

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