Beyond Gravity Launches Space Data Service for Enhanced Satellite Intelligence

Beyond Gravity Launches Space Data Service for Enhanced Satellite Intelligence

By Robert Schreiber

Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) March 20, 2024

Beyond Gravity, a major European aerospace supplier, has unveiled its Space Situational Awareness (SSA) service. This state-of-the-art platform, fueled by six years of extensive data accumulation, provides unmatched accuracy and insights across more than 10,000 satellites, aimed at improving the speed of decision-making for commercial and enterprise customers.

Space situational awareness services are critical to ensuring the safety and stability of space operations, as they enable organizations to monitor, track, and predict satellite trajectories and behaviors. Beyond Gravity's latest SSA solution stands out for its superior accuracy and data quality, derived from a wealth of data collected from various sources and strategic partnerships over six years.

The service provides comprehensive satellite tracking and intelligence, including technology and instrumentation information, giving users a deeper understanding of satellite capabilities and operational capability.

The new service is designed to meet the diverse needs of its users, from commercial enterprises to government agencies and disaster response units. It provides instant access to detailed satellite operational data, facilitating quick and informed decision-making in critical situations such as disaster relief operations or security measures.

Oliver Grossman, executive vice president of Beyond Gravity's satellites division, highlighted the solution's ability to improve emergency response and operational planning through fast and accurate satellite intelligence.

Developed through a joint venture, the SSA solution underscores Gravity's commitment to providing customizable and secure data services. Grossman described the platform's ability to provide detailed operational and technical insights into a comprehensive satellite database, ensuring a seamless user experience for a wide range of stakeholders. The service offers adaptability and interoperability for a variety of applications, including integration with command and control systems and geographic information layers.

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The launch of the SSA service, coupled with global space economy growth projections, marks Beyond Gravity's entry into the growing space data market. Andre Wall, CEO of Beyond Gravity, emphasized the strategic move to leverage the company's long-standing leadership in space technology to tap into the expanding demand for data solutions.

Reflecting its potential to revolutionize many industries, Wall sees the SSA service as a key driver in improving life and operations on Earth through the strategic use of space data.

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