Behrens Perigee: A Moon Phase Sign that isn't your typical Moon Phase sign


Bicycles ground everything

This trip shows the Earth from above the North Pole, as the spherical globe rotates on its vertical axis once a day. This 24-hour day/night indicator is not the longest cycle on display, and comes from the phase of the moon moving around the dial.

In fact, it is not a true moon phase because it does not track the phases of the moon, but the orbit of the moon. The time it takes to circle the dial is 27.3 days, which is the approximate length of a sidereal lunar month, or the time it takes for the Moon to return to the same point relative to the stars than Earth.

Behrens perigee loom shot

As the Earth revolves around the Sun, the Star month Less than a synodic month (tracking phases) the background stars move slowly across the night sky throughout the year. Thus, the sidereal lunar month is based on the cycle of the Earth-Moon system relative to the wider universe, while the phases of the Moon are related to the cycle of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.

Either way, the cycle is in vivid display, reminding us that the universe is moving in every moment, moving (or aching) forward into what we understand to be the future. But it all comes back to how cycles drive our lives and affect our understanding of the world. If the moon didn't revolve around us or the sun didn't rise and set every day, we wouldn't have a clear understanding of time. In fact, the universe may seem mostly static based on our frame of reference.

Behrens perigee

This is true everywhere else in the universe, so we should consider ourselves fortunate enough to experience the constant and repeated change these global cycles bring us. The cycles of the universe are driven by fundamental forces, which drive the cycle of life on Earth, giving us the energy to live our lives. That power gives the Behrens Perigee the ability to wind itself by hand, thus powering its 45-hour power reserve and allowing us the opportunity to watch the cycles play out on our wrists.

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It all sounds poetic when you think about it, and it all started with an amazing watch from an increasingly cool brand called Behrens.

If we try hard enough, we can break even more of these cycles!

  • Wowza factor *9.68 If it's a side-on moon display, it's pretty cool, but the chain-driven hours and spherical 24-hour day-night indicators all put it over the top under the massive sapphire dome!
  • Late Night Lust Appeal * 96.8 » 949.284m/s2 I spend many nights looking at the moon and stars, so it's no surprise that perigee wakes me up staring at its tiny moon!
  • MGR * 68.8 It's hard to argue with the mechanics on display, and even if it's not Swiss made, the effort put into creating a relatively accessible super astronomical watch is amazing!
  • Added-Active Inflammation * Moderate I gave it a severe diagnosis but stopped short of chiming or stopwatch symptoms. Still I recommend extra strength Have-it Astronomical anti-inflammatory cream!
  • Ouch Outline * 11.5 Falling off your bed! It doesn't happen often but I have experienced the terror, shock and pain of falling out of bed while asleep or partially awake. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but it definitely gives you a perspective on fear and panic. However, if it means getting perigee on my wrist, I happily wish it would happen every day for a week!
  • Angel moment * Is that a side moon sign?! For someone who likes moon phase watches, I was very pleased to find that this watch shows the relative position of the moon and earth in true side by side. This was enough to start taking china shapes!
  • A grand total of * 848.48 Start with the diameter of the movement (38.6), multiply by the thickness of the case including the sapphire dome (16.8), and then add up the astronomically amazing total number of pieces (200)!
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Quick Facts Behrens BO27 “Perigee”
43 x 16.8 mm, Titanium

Movement: Manually wound BM01 caliber, 45-hour power reserve, 18,000 vph/2.5Hz
Activities: Chain-driven hours, retrograde minutes, spherical day/night indicator, side moon phase, power reserve
Range: 200 pieces
Price: 13,500 CHF

* This article was first published on March 19, 2023 in Behrens Perigee: A Moon Phase Sign That's Not Your Typical Moon Phase Sign

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