B-side rock-salt-ordered Cu-based double perovskite realizes high efficiency and stable CO₂ charging

Schematic diagram of B-side rock-salt order Sr2CuWO6 with long Cu-Cu distances and superexchange affinity for electromethanation. Credit: Zhang Yu

Carbon dioxide charge (CO2RR) high-value chemical feedstocks and fuels as a potential way to realize a carbon-neutral cycle. Cu-oxide based catalysts are promising for CO2 voltage, but suffers from inevitable reduction and structural collapse, leading to transient electrocatalytic properties.

Prof. Zhu Jiawei and Jiang Heqing from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a p-side rock-salt-ordered double perovskite oxide of Sr.2CuWO6 with superexchange-stabilized long-range Cu sites for efficient and stable CO2 the charge.

study Published in Natural communication On February 21.

Researcher Sr2CuWO6 As a proof-of-concept model catalyst. Sr2CuWO6 The B-site exhibited rock-salt ordering, resulting in long Cu-Cu distances and superexchange interactions.

Its long-range Cu sites facilitate *CO hydrogenation and inhibit CC coupling. Meanwhile, the superexchange interaction stabilizes Cu sites and prevents structural collapse. These factors realized the superior performance of Sr2CuWO6 for stable CO2 electromethanation, which achieved high FECh4 73.1% and a higher area current density of 292.4 mA cm.-2.

Notably, Sr2CuWO6 provides excellent performance of electromethanation over perovskite catalysts.

This work discovers an efficient and stable Cu-based double perovskite oxide for CO2RR, which opens a new avenue for the rational design of more advanced Cu-based catalysts.

More information:
Jiawei Zhu et al., Superexchange-stabilized long-range Cu sites in rock-salt-ordered double perovskite oxides for CO2 electromethanation, Natural communication (2024) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-024-45747-5

Presented by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Quotation: B-site rock-salt-ordered Cu-based double perovskite for high efficiency and stable CO₂ charging (2024, March 22) Retrieved 22 March 2024 from https://phys.org/news/2024-03-site-salt- . cu-based-perovskite.html

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