Awe-inspiring stem cells and Starlink trajectories — November’s best science films

Credit: Shundero Yamada/University of Bergen

Stem-cell spheroid. It is made from stem cells found in the pulp – the inner layer of the tooth. These cells are derived from the nervous system, a part of the brain that forms the bones in the face and skull. Because they share properties with neural stem cells, dental pulp stem cells could one day find applications in regenerative medicine — including treatments for spinal cord injury or Alzheimer’s disease — says Shundaro Yamada, a stem-cell biologist and dentist at the University of Bergen in Norway. .

One of the five mummies pictured at the Huaca La Florida archaeological site in Lima, Peru.

Credit: Anthony Marina/Reuters

Holy place. There are archaeologists Five 1,000-year-old mummies were unearthed – Remains of four children and an adult – in Lima, along with pottery and other artefacts. The mummies are from the pre-Inca Yichsma culture, which originated on the central coast of Peru Advertising He lived there between the 900s and the mid-1400s. They were found at the base of the steps of a small hill that was part of a temple built by an earlier culture 3,500 years ago. „This whole area is a very important ritual chamber,” archaeologist Luis Daguda told Reuters. „The people who lived here during the Icham period considered it an even more sacred place and therefore buried their dead here.”

Blue planet. The Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite measures the surface elevation of all water bodies on Earth, providing one of the most comprehensive views of the planet’s oceans, lakes and rivers. As this animation shows Data on global sea levels were collected from July 26 to August 16. Yellow, red, and orange indicate sea surface elevation above the global average, and blue indicates elevation below average. SWOT was developed jointly by NASA and the French space agency CNES.

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Steam rises from the sea off southern Tokyo.  A new island with a diameter of 100 meters formed by the erupted rock can be seen near the steam.

Credit: Kyoto News via AP/Alamy

The land is Ahoy. A small island about 100 meters long in the Pacific Ocean near Iwoto Island, 1,200 kilometers south of Tokyo, appeared after underwater volcanic eruptions began on October 21. As magma interacts with seawater, plumes of gas and steam rise from the water every few minutes during volcanic activity. Researchers call it a new island Growth may continue if eruptions continue.

A male mirror bear was sitting on the branches of a tree covered with Spanish moss

Credit: Jacquie Matechuk/NPOTY 2023

Natural beauty. This photo of a male spectacled bear (Tremarktos is decorated) resting on a fig tree covered with Spanish moss Won the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. Wildlife-conservation photographer Jacquie Matechuk endured 11 days of difficult terrain and weather conditions in the Ecuadorian Andes to observe these bears, native to South America. „We kept a respectable distance to ensure their comfort and it paid off,” Matchuk said in his match entry. „They will nurse, sleep, cuddle, forage, play, and become more oblivious to our presence with each passing encounter.”

A long-exposure image showing the trajectory of SpaceX's Starlink G6-27 satellite fleet at night

Credit: Mariana Suarez/AFP via Getty

Satellite trajectories. This long-exposure photo shows the path of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites over Uruguay. Venus can be seen on the left. Thousands of these small satellites — which help provide broadband Internet and mobile-phone service — have been launched over the past few years, but astronomers have expressed concern that the trails appearing in the night sky are causing problems with ground-based imaging.

A woman samples a glass of wine in a room lit by orange lights

Credit: Getty by Christophe Archambault/AFP

A delicious experiment. Taste tests are conducted under orange lights at the Wine Science Institute in Villeneuve-d’Ornon, near Bordeaux in southwestern France. Lighting obscures the color of each wine so tasters can be more objective. Here, a staff member takes wine samples from the Bordeaux-producing Chateau La Tour Garnet estate, which has begun a study on the effects of climate change and planted an experimental collection of 96 grape varieties, along with the typical Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

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Critically endangered eastern black rhino Suri and her calf were born at Chester Zoo, UK.

Credit: Chester Zoo

New arrival. Greeted by keepers at Chester Zoo, England The birth of a rare eastern black rhinoceros (Let me tell you about Michael’s two horns) on November 12. The female calf is part of a breeding program aimed at conserving the species. Eastern black rhinos are listed as endangered and have been poached for their horns for more than a century. Fewer than 600 remain across Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

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