An extinct giant bird to greet visitors when the Yale Peabody Museum reopens

NEW HAVEN – Picture this: It’s 55 million years ago, and you’re now wandering through a tropical forest in Wyoming.

A tall figure steps out from behind a tree and startles you. It stands on scaly legs and feet; Dark feathers cover its bulky neck and body, and it has a large beak.

This bird belongs to Castornis genus, And it is about 8 feet tall.

Although the creature went extinct about 45 million years ago, New Hanners will soon be able to get up close and personal with this „big bird” without the aid of a time machine.

Life-size model of Castornis, an extinct flightless bird, created by Blue Rhino Studio for the Yale Peabody Museum.

Blue Rhino Studio / Contributed Photo

when Yale Peabody Museum Will reopen next year Update Completed, a life-size model of Castornis, Complete with real feathers, it will be there to meet visitors.

A large flightless bird, Castornis appeared after the extinction of the large dinosaurs about 60 million years ago, according to paleontologist Michael Hanson, who along with Yale paleontologist and museum curator Jacques Gauthier consulted on the creation of the museum’s Castornis specimen.

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