An art exhibition at Brown's Watson Institute puts a new spin on the ancient art of Indo-Persian miniature painting.

Earlier, Hussain worked with traditional gouache paint and Wasli paper. In recent years, he has been modernizing traditional forms of art by painting digitally with an iPad and Apple Pencil. After printing the digital works, he uses acrylic paint to add more detail.

„I used to go back to Pakistan to get my things, but it has become difficult as I have limited space in my suitcase,” said Hussain, who accompanied her husband to the US for medical work. „I also like the convenience of working digitally.”

With a doctorate in history of art and architecture, Vora, originally from Mumbai and specializing in South Asian modern and contemporary art, earned her Ph.D. In Brown. She said she wanted to showcase Hussain's work to increase the contribution of women in the field.

„Working in modern art, I realized how women artists are often overlooked, especially in South Asia,” she said. „I'm grateful that the Watson Institute has given us a place to explore these ideas.”

The exhibit is on view through May 31 in the institute's Stephen Robert '62 Hall at 280 Brook St. in Providence. An artist conversation with Hussain will take place on Thursday, February 8 at 5:15pm in the building's True North Classroom. .

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