An Argentinian footballer’s message to Montel before kicking the decisive penalty for Sevilla

Argentina Gonzalo MontielThe Sevilla man celebrates after converting the decisive penalty in the Europa League

This Wednesday, Sevilla F.C The UEFA Europa League was established as the champion for the seventh time in its history. Interestingly, the deciding penalty of the shootout was kicked by Argentina Gonzalo MontielHe did the same in the final World Cup Qatar 2022 Dedicated the champion to the national team. However, the defender is not the only national to join the ranks of the Andalusian team; In addition to „Cachete”, in the Spanish team, fighters Marcos Aguna, Pappu Gomes, Erik Lamela Y Lucas Ocampos. Precisely, the former Rivers striker revealed what the moments leading up to the decisive shots were like and what he said to the designated player before kicking off.

In an interview ESPNOcampos, at first, said the player Yusuf N-Nesiri Later, he wanted to take responsibility for the shot at the feet mantle. At the time, he explained, Lucas told Monteil: „’No, go ahead, Cassidy’, because we know it will not fail. It failed, but there is always a second chance for something. He is a man of important punishments. He is guaranteed to be in our team”, said Lucas proudly.

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Of course: Montiel had to execute the penalty, the first time twice, the match goalkeeper stepped up. However, on the second occasion, Cachete did not fail. „It looked, it looked true, but hey, referees are there to decide that kind of thing, VAR and all the technology that’s there now. When they said he had to get it back, it was a relief, they gave him another second chance. The sentence was 'cached’We already talked about it. true, Touched by a wand. We Argentines said to ourselves: 'Will it be 'Casheed’ again?’. It was so, so incredible.”

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Another of Monteil’s Argentine compatriots, Erik LamelaMontiel is mentioned, extolling his virtues, and was happy with his great professional present: „He deserves it because he is an incredible child. He is my friend, I love him very much; good people, fighters, always give it to me… He should always be in my team”.

Montel, in time to kick the decisive penalty for Sevilla in the Europa League

Montel on the verge of kicking the decisive penalty for Sevilla in the Europa League – thanks to: @Denes Erdos

On his Instagram account, Montel expressed his happiness with a strong post: “Champions. Thank God for another drink!! No one likes it like us”, regarding Sevilla’s stupidity with this match.

Montiel was undefeated on penalties

Montel, 26, has taken 10 penalties in his career and has never missed one. What is interesting is that many of them were in decisive events. Likewise, in the 2021 League Cup, he scored his shot against Boca Juniors.

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In time, in the middle of the World Cup, Born Gonzalez Caden was one of those selected by coach Lionel Scalloni in the penalty shootout against the Netherlands, and finally, in the last match against France, he was responsible for kicking the decisive shot. Now, Cachete is dressed as a hero again, with his penalty, giving Sevilla the seventh Europa League in its history.

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