Amazon MGM Studios signs first-look deal with Jake Gyllenhaal

After the release of „Road House,” Amazon MGM Studios has closed a three-year first-look film deal with Jake Gyllenhaal's Nine Stories. Under the deal, Amazon MGM Studios will have first dibs on the story features the actor's production company develops. The deal also includes theatrical and streaming releases.

Gyllenhaal most recently starred in “Road House,” a remake of the cult Patrick Swayze film released on Amazon's streaming service Prime Video. The film debuted on March 21 and has reached 50 million viewers worldwide on the service. Prior to that, Gyllenhaal starred in „Guy Ritchie's The Covenant,” which hit studio theaters last year.

Gyllenhaal co-founded Nine Stories with Riva Marker in 2015. Most recently, Nine Stories produced Antoine Fuqua's „The Guilty,” starring Gyllenhaal and debuting on Netflix. It also produced Paul Dano's directorial debut “Wildlife” starring Carey Mulligan; David Gordon Green's „Stronger,” starring Gyllenhaal as Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman; and Antonio Campos' Southern Gothic, „The Devil All the Time.” Other releases include „Joe Bell” by Renaldo Marcus Green and „Breaking News in Yuba County” by Tate Taylor. For the stage, Nine Stories produced „We're Only Alive for a Short Time” by playwright David Gale, Gyllenhaal's „Sea Wall/A Life” and Jeremy O. Served as producer on Harris' „Slave Play”. Marker left the company in 2022 to join Linden Entertainment.

Gyllenhaal's acting credits include „Jarhead,” „Brokeback Mountain,” „Prisoners” and „Spider-Man: Far From Home.” He is an Oscar and Tony Award nominee.

„Jake is a one-of-a-kind talent whose passion and vision for filmmaking make him a powerful storyteller both in front of the camera and behind the scenes,” said Julie Rappaport, head of film production and development at Amazon MGM Studios. We couldn't imagine. Jake has been an incredible partner and we look forward to collaborating with him and the Nine Stories team to create needle-moving and compelling films from visionary filmmakers.

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„I've worked with Amazon MGM on two films in the past year, and they've been an amazing partner both times,” said Gyllenhaal. „Their dedication to filmmaking is contagious, and I greatly appreciate their dedication to fans around the world. I'm excited to formalize an already fruitful collaboration — especially during the great debut of 'Road House.'”

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