Aeronautical technology companies join forces to accelerate sustainable aviation

Aircraft manufacturers with new technologies met in Brussels to discuss developing hybrid electric and hydrogen systems for regional aviation.

era, The Association of European Regional Airlines held a meeting with officials Industry and Environmental and Social Affairs in Brussels, bringing together a wide variety of new technology aircraft manufacturers and suppliers with regional airlines. In it, they were able to discuss and explore the integrations they allow Accelerating the deployment of electric, hybrid and hydrogen aircraft in regional aviation.

between Original equipment manufacturers Who attended? ATR, AURA AERO, Cosmic Aerospace, Deutsche Aircraft, Embraer, Fokker NextGen, Heart Aerospace, Jekta, Maeve Aerospace, REGENT Seagliders, Universal Hidrogen, Vaeridion, VoltAero y ZeroAvia.

The deployment of these innovative technologies will first occur in a regional context. in different Roadmaps to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, up to One-third of decarbonization can come from new technologies, Therefore, it is necessary to find support both politically and financially. These new technologies will also provide Reduces the need for Standard Aviation Fuel (SAF) to be prioritized for medium and long-haul flights.

With this background, and Acting as pioneers, regional airlines and manufacturers of new technologies They come together to discuss the challenges of providing answers to policy makers and reflections as a holistic ecosystem. The meeting took place after the adoption of the latest report European Parliament on Short and Medium Electric Propulsion Reach flights that aim for stable and essential connectivity to remote areas, islands or outlying areas.

Montserrat Barrica, Director General of EEIComment: „The gathering of technology leaders, both new and established manufacturers, amplifies the message that regional aviation is at the forefront of the decarbonisation race to test and choose „green” solutions. ERA members play an important role In our industry's efforts to decarbonize and We can achieve our goal of net zero emissions by 2050 targets.

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