Advisory Board Crystals and Create Capsule for NBA Fantasy Team – WWD

The NBA is expanding its reach — this time into a fantasy world.

The basketball league has partnered with sensational streetwear brand Advisory Board Crystals on a capsule built around a fantasy team called The Fantasy’s, bringing the number of NBA teams to 31.

The pretend 31st NBA team is billed as „a philosophical experiment aimed at uncovering the profound potential found in the commonality of human experiences.”

That lofty, head-scratching idea includes more than 60 ready-to-wear outfits, a custom 31st NBA jersey and eight accessories ranging from $15 to $650.

To promote the launch of this new „team”, the two companies hired „Stranger Things” actor Brett Gellman to coach The Fantasies and filmed a nearly five-minute video explaining the new team’s mission. Still enigmatic despite his best efforts.

The line contains colorful graphics.


By way of explanation, an Advisory Board Crystals spokesperson said: “The concept of a partnership between the NBA and Abc. First appeared, Heather and Remington [Heather Haber and Remington Guest, cofounders of the L.A.-based brand] In keeping with ABC’s tradition of innovation, they were keen to adopt a unique and innovative approach. Instead of simply using ABC. Touching on the existing NBA concept, they chose to imagine an entirely new team, the „31st team” in the NBA, dubbed „The Fantasies”. Away from the common geographic and athletic attributes associated with NBA teams, this unique team was founded on the principles of human connection and values. Surprisingly, the NBA gave them the freedom to pursue this concept, marking a departure from their previous practices.

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The collection will be released on Advisory Board Crystals’ website Hypebeast and select retailers on Thursday.

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