A workshop for computer science students brings seniors closer to technology

This initiative is part of the social innovation project „You are not alone” of the IP-CFT Santo Tomás Ovalle headquarters, which seeks to lead lonely elderly people into solitude. Self-sufficiency.

During two sessions, members of the Jacaranda de Ovalle Senior Adult Club attended a technical workshop that allowed them to discover many uses for their cell phones, led by programming analyst students. They are with them.

The aim of this initiative is to familiarize senior citizens with smartphones, learn how to use apps like WhatsApp, bill payment apps, social networks so that they are not limited to making phone calls.

In this way, led by students from IP-CFT Santo Tomas, workshop participants learned to take photos and then share them through messaging applications, as well as forward messages and install applications, losing the fear of using technology.

Delicia Fernández Casanova, president of the Jacaranda Senior Adult Club, commented that they are very happy with this initiative, as they have already carried out activities in collaboration with the higher education institution.

„We were very happy with them, because we are adults and they have a lot of patience to teach us, now this training will be very good for us, because people who really know, have modern phones, receive calls, answer and nothing more”.

About what they were able to learn, Delicia Fernandez said, “I learned a lot of things, I know a little, but I improved a little, and those who were at zero have improved a lot now. Some people said, 'I’m not going to learn, I’m not going to pay attention’, but I saw her very enthusiastic, I believe that young people inspire us, so we thank St. Thomas for this passion. In us, suddenly modernity catches up with us because it is advancing so fast and technology is advancing so fast that we cannot deny that we are less technological.

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For the students, it was also a good experience, and Sergio Barraza, who is in his first year as a programming analyst, said that he decided to participate in the project, “because when the professor asked us, it appeared. Sounds like a good activity to me.” , helping seniors who struggle to use new technologies can be rewarding so they can stay connected, stay connected to their families, and feel content with being. Help can be provided”.

Regarding the motivation of older people to learn, Sergio Barraza, with whom he worked, said, „They were all very motivated to want to learn, they had many doubts, I solved them, and I found them to be very active.”

Meanwhile, George Bones, director of engineering degree programs at the institution of higher education, said, „The workshop has been very successful, in the sense that first-year students are able to communicate with adults and manage other skills, such as listening, communicating, sharing knowledge about using cell phones, where older people have some disadvantages, so It has been very successful.

As part of the „You are not alone” project, social discovery and connection with the environment of Santo Tomas Oval, students and teachers will continue to hold these types of workshops, with other clubs for the elderly, and in other areas. Knowledge of growing plants. This includes home visits aimed at providing company to lonely people and supporting them in establishing support networks.

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