A record breaking offer! Chelsea’s Emma Hayes will become the highest-paid coach in women’s soccer as USWNT boss

Chelsea boss Emma Hayes is set to become the highest-paid coach in the world of women’s soccer when she joins the US women’s national team.

  • Hayes steps down from Chelsea
  • Set to take over at USWNT
  • The highest paid women’s coach

What happened? The Blues announced on Saturday that Hayes will step down at the end of the 2023/24 season. After more than 11 years in the role, he won 15 trophies in the West London outfit. „Pursue a new opportunity outside of WSL and club football”. Athletic In joining USWNT, Hayes reports that he will have an „achievement-breaking opportunity.”

Big picture: News of Hayes’ departure sent shock waves throughout the WSL and among Chelsea fans. Hayes has won six league titles, five FA Cups and two League Cups, and that’s to Let’s see what the Blues look like without their manager at the helm.

In three photos:

KettyEmma Hayes Lauren James Chelsea Women 2022-23KettyEmma Hayes Chelsea Women's WSL title 2022-23Ketty

What next? U.S. Soccer has been searching for a permanent successor since Vladko Antonovski resigned in August. Twila Kilgore is the interim coach, but US Soccer’s athletic director, Matt Crocker, indicated in early December that he wanted to find a new coach. With the WSL season ending at the end of May 2024, Hayes will not take up his role until next summer.

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