A GOAT announcer, NJPW star

Triple H took over head booking duties in WWE last summer after Vince McMahon briefly retired. Gam was elevated to the company’s Chief Content Officer.

In that short time, the morale of the stars, the continuity of the story and the quality of the competition improved. Many of the stars released during the pandemic’s mass cuts have been re-signed, from Karrion Kross to Dakota Kai and Bronson Reed.

Vince McMahon returned to WWE as Executive Chairman in January 2023 to facilitate the sale. However, Triple H still has the final say in booking decisions.

With eyes always on the WWE, many wrestling personalities from the outside The company’s The Cerebral Assassin and his professionalism in the new role was praised.

Below are five instances of outside personalities who praised the game during his time in charge.

#5. Diamond Dallas Page is a WCW legend

DTP gave Triple H a high-five for one of the best angles in wrestling history.

The Master of the Diamond Cutter has appeared twice in AEW over the past few years. His DDP yoga inspired stars like Scott Hall and Jake Roberts to reorganize their lives.

Appreciated by TDP Game’s bookings as creative head, such as the Bloodline/Sammy Zayn angle, as well as how Logan used Paul for big events like WrestleMania 39.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been a part of the industry since the 1980s, so his words carry some weight.

#4. Eric Bischoff was booked for TNA and WCW

Eric Bischoff has been all over the industry for the past few years.

Eric Bischoff may have announced some draft picks during the 2023 draft, but he’s not a full-time employee of WWE. He has made occasional appearances in both WWE and AEW over the past few years.

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Given that he knows a thing or two about booking a major wrestling promotion, it’s no wonder he’s given some credit to a star who helped take down WCW.

Bhishma said Things turned out so smoothly thanks to the ability of Triple H and his team to plan stories without fear of tearing up the scripts. Not looking over his shoulder allowed for better long-term planning from ongoing angles.

#3. NJPW’s Will Ospreay is a fan of Triple H

Will Ospreay has been one of the biggest names in New Japan Pro Wrestling over the past few years. He leads the United Empire division in NJPW and has won various championships.

Osprey is one of the best wrestlers in the world who has criticized and praised things in WWE. Mr. One of his kind comments praised Triple H for taking over for McMahon.

Shocked by the leadership change, the former multiple-time NJPW Champion Appreciated He also praised how Cam knew WWE’s industry „outside his bubble.” The signings of international stars such as Asuka, Santos Escobar and Shinsuke Nakamura are testament to his intent.

He also admired how the cerebral assassin handled things during the transition. Acknowledging things outside the WWE bubble has improved the product.

#2. Rocky Romero thanked Triple H for his professionalism

With Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows reuniting in WWE in the early fall of 2022, there was an apparent conflict of interest with Karl Anderson. Anderson still held the IWGP Openweight Championship after signing a new contract to return to WWE under Triple H.

A scheduling conflict prevented Anderson from defending the title as planned, as WWE booked a show in Saudi Arabia for the same day.

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Romero mentioned Triple H was very helpful in coordinating a date for Anderson to return to NJPW and drop the title.

At Wrestle Kingdom 17 on January 4, 2023, Tama won the belt from Tonga Anderson. He also noted that despite being „very busy,” Cam always made sure to stay in touch.

#1. Jim Ross has seen it all in wrestling

Ross is a legend in the wrestling business.

Jim Ross called a lot of matches when Triple H was an active superstar. Most recently, he was called into action for WWE’s biggest rival, AEW.

Despite being recruited by competition, Good 'Ol JR has heaped praise and accolades on the former wrestler. on him Grylls JR podcast, Ross offered his thoughts on the leadership transition.

One of the greatest announcers of all time said that even though he gets some „free passes” for being fresh, Triple H „does a good job of getting the pieces he wants in their places.” Ross also said The Game was „the right guy for the job.”

A current star says he’s almost got the rights to use Hulk Hogan’s entrance theme. Additional information Here

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