911 emergency system plans to install 5,000 new security cameras by 2024

Tegucigalpa – By 2024, the National 911 Emergency System will install about five thousand new security cameras, said Miroslava Serpas, president of the Intervention Commission.

– At present there are about 4 thousand cameras installed across the country, but many of them are not working.

He said the 911 emergency system was decided to fight violence, crime and organized crime head-on.

We plan to install five thousand new cameras across the country by 2024, covering at least 100 municipalities,” the auditor told reporters.

He explained that these security cameras will be installed in municipalities that lack the capacity to monitor and support the entire issue of insecurity and emergency response.

Serpas predicts that security cameras will have the latest technology and allow facial recognition to be implemented nationwide.

Never again will a national emergency system serve organized crime; This company is going to leave and become a company that serves the people, Serpas stressed,

Piloting of a state-of-the-art security camera program will begin in Santa Barbara, he said. Ag

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