26 May to 02 June 2024

  1. General Du Lam was recently elected as the new President of which country?

(a) Vietnam

(b) Kenya

(c) Thailand

(d) Mongolia

  1. Which country named the recently formed storm 'Remel’?

(a) Bangladesh

(b) Oman

(c) Pakistan

(d) Iran

  1. Which state government recently imposed a one-year ban on Gutka and Pan Masala?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Telangana

(d) Kerala

  1. Where was the International Conference on Nuclear Security (ICONS-2024) held recently?

(a) New Delhi

(b) New York

(c) Vienna

(d) Paris

  1. Indian Army has signed an agreement for hydrogen fuel cell bus with whom?

(a) Adani Green

(b) I.O.C.L

(c) HPCL

(d) BBCL

  1. Who is the chairman of DRTO whose tenure was extended by one year?

(a) Dr. Sameer V Kamath

(b) AK Rastogi

(c) Abhinav Jain

(d) S. Somnath


  1. (b) Wind to surface

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) recently successfully test-fired the RudraM-II missile from the Indian Air Force’s Sukhoi-30 MK-I base off the coast of Odisha. Rudra M-II is an indigenously developed solid fuel based air-launched missile system.

  1. Australia

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) recently announced the hosts of the 2026 and 2029 Women’s Asian Cup. Australia will host the tournament in 2026 and Uzbekistan in 2029. This was announced by the AFC Executive Committee at a meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand.

  1. (a) Jyothi Rathre

Recently, mountaineer Jyoti Rathre became the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest. Ratre, 55, is a resident of Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, on May 19, 2018, 53-year-old Sangeeta Bahl became the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest. This is Rattray’s second attempt to climb the world’s highest peak. In 2023, he had to turn back from 8,160 meters due to bad weather.

  1. (a) Srinivas R. Kulkarni
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Indian-origin Professor Srinivas R. for his outstanding contributions to the field of astronomy. Kulkarni has been awarded the prestigious Shaw Prize in Astronomy for the year 2024. He is currently working as a professor at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). He completed his Ph.D. He received his M.A. from the University of California in 1983. Graduated. The Shaw Prize is an important award in the field of astronomy.

  1. (a) Vietnam

The Vietnamese parliament recently elected General Do Lam as the country’s new president. He was elected by Vietnam’s parliament—the National Assembly—until 2026. Vietnam has a one-party (Vietnam Communist Party) system of government. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country.

  1. (b) Oman

Cyclone Remal is the first pre-monsoon tropical cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. The name Ramal means 'sand’ in Arabic. The name was chosen by Oman, according to the Standard Convention for Naming Tropical Cyclones.

  1. (c) Telangana

The state government has banned the manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of gutka and pan masala containing tobacco and nicotine throughout the state of Telangana. The ban will continue for a period of one year from May 24, 2024. We inform you that this step has been taken in view of the serious health hazards caused by consumption of gutka and paan masala.

  1. (c) Vienna

Recently, the International Conference on Nuclear Safety was organized in Vienna under the auspices of the IAEA (ICONS-2024) under the co-chairmanship of Kazakhstan and Australia. Heads of foreign affairs, energy, home affairs and other relevant departments of 130 countries participated in the ongoing conference.

  1. (b) I.O.C.L
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The Indian Army has signed an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to conduct trials of hydrogen fuel cell bus technology for green and sustainable transportation solutions. This is yet another step by the Indian Army towards its commitment to innovation and environmental management. A hydrogen fuel cell bus was also handed over to the Indian Army during the event.

  1. (a) Dr. Sameer V Kamath

The tenure of Dr. Sameer V Kamat, who has been appointed as the Chairman of Defense Research and Development Organization (TRDO) by the Central Government, has been extended by one more year. As per the government order, Dr Kamath will continue his current tenure as DRDO Chairman till May 31, 2025. Kamath was appointed to the top post in DRDO in August 2022 and was due to retire on May 31, 2024.

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