The Post offers special coverage of the coronation of King Charles III, including live video coverage on Washington Post Television.

The Washington Post today announced extensive coverage plans for the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla in London. In addition to top reporting from London Bureau Chief William Booth, London Correspondent Carla Adam and Opinions Editor Adam Brewington, readers can access real-time updates led by Europe Editor Marissa Bellach and The Post’s 24-hour breaking news teams. The Post will stream live video coverage from London, which takes viewers through the day’s events and provides key context and analysis, and the Washington Post will have live discussions with royal experts.

Watch the Post’s live coverage of the coronation on Washington Post Television.

As part of The Post’s recently announced partnership with Amazon FreeVee, Washington Post Television will go live on May 6 with free, continuous coverage of the coronation. The program will be hosted by Washington Post senior news anchor Libby Casey in London, along with Washington Post senior correspondent Rhonda Colvin and contributing royal correspondent Sarah Hewson. Washington Post editorial writer and columnist James Hohman will report from outside Buckingham Palace, providing on-the-ground updates on this historic day for the monarchy.

Visitors can click Here Watch on Amazon Freevee. Live video coverage will be available on The Post’s website and app Network light.

Get expert insight from post comments with a live Q&A Post Elizabeth.

Comments editor Autumn Brewington will write her Post Elizabeth The newsletter from London shares expert analysis of royal events.

Check out the Post Elizabeth newsletter here and sign up for alerts here.

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Additionally, Brewington joins Eugene Robinson online for a reader Q&A on the coronation of King Charles III on Tuesday 2 May at noon ET/5pm BST.

Read the transcript here.

Readers can access live updates on all royal events with the latest developments from London.

Live updates will be available on Saturday, May 6 at midnight ET/5am BST. The Post combines breaking news coverage and real-time updates with royal intelligence and local context, taking readers inside Westminster Abbey.

Learn about the upcoming festivities on The Washington Post Live with writer Tina Brown and producer Jonah Coles.

On Monday, May 1 at 1pm ET/6pm BST, Tina Brown, author of the best-selling book „The Palace Papers” at the House of Windsor, and entrepreneur and producer Jonah Coles sit down with The Washington Post Live to discuss royal activities. and the role of the British monarchy.

Watch the interview Here.

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