A book found on Mars? After NASA’s Curiosity rover discovers a rock formation that resembles a book, scientists wonder if there was a 'cute’ civilization on the Red Planet

Mars (representative image; photo credit: Twitter/ @NASA)

Mumbai, May 15: With the help of a close-up image of a book-like rock taken by Curiosity’s Mars rover, scientists have discovered what they think is „unsightly” life on Mars. After photographing terra firma last month, scientists believe they have identified a part of the planet that resembles the 'open pages of a book’.

The Mars rover, which has been exploring the planet’s surface for nearly a decade, captured the image of the book-shaped rock on day 3,800. Scientists are delighted to have found microscopic evidence of material on the Martian surface, and the Curiosity team joked that their robot was „lightly reading” when they made the discovery. Life on Mars? NASA’s Curiosity rover detects carbon signature on Mars

After the discovery, they tweeted, „Doing some light reading.” This unusually formed stone, according to my team, looks like an open book with pages flowing in the wind. (Even if it’s only an inch wide, it’ll be a very small book…) the tweet added.

Scientists now say the inch-long rock has an „unusual shape” created by an undefined amount of erosion and resembles some reading material. They wrote, „After years of sandblasting by the wind, the softer rocks are carved away, and only the harder material remains.”

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The photo was taken by the Mars Perseverance spacecraft, which is on a mission to search for signs of past life on Mars and prepare for a manned probe.

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